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April 24, 2002
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sazabi by asbestos sazabi by asbestos
gundam nerds and pixel addicts across the cosmos will suffer from nocturnal emissions this evening...

sazabi's the only gundam character i thought would make a good wa2 skin and now that it's finished i'm pretty sure i was wrong. hehe.

yeah, it's transparent. that didn't work so well last skin i tried it with (riptide blue 2, not worth linking to but it exists on devart somewhere) so hopefully this is pulled off better. i like transparency, darn it.

feedback is awesome.
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nice skin but the photo in eq is a bit worse than the rest
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midsummerstorm Apr 25, 2002   Photographer
Quite nice, but compared to your last skin, this is a minor work.
You can do much better things than this Nod

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skinme Apr 25, 2002   Interface Designer
Another successful venture in pixel-skins. I don't know what "gundam" is so I'll ignore that. Great colour scheme - great shapes - best use of transparency I've seen for a while.
not bad for an "anime" skin
i like shape and transparancie
but the play/forw/etc buttons seems a bit blurry/not worked enough
may be a graphical stuff like the shuffle/loop button would be great

have fun

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one of the best 2D skins I've seen in a while...

Thumbs Up Nod
omg asbestos, i hav e to stop commenting on ur skins lol, the letters on my keyboard are wearing out haha!

this is fucking awesome, i LOVE the transparencies and the red. good work!

can we have sex now?

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teh This is your brain; This is drugs; This is your brain on drugs!
teh life!

lovely colours.... great work mate
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varialboy Apr 24, 2002   Photographer
This is awesome.....I hate gundam, but this is definately a cool skin, and I love the bevel effect. This is one of the best skins I have seen from you!
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It's nice but not your greatest work
as usual i like the pixil work. but gundam's i dont like too much. cool skin nonetheless
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